Support for Laptop/Desktop

Support for any computer related issues irrespective of Brands and Models. Instant support for Laptops/PCs and enjoy working on your computer without any glitches.

Computer Peripherials

Get started with your PC and connected devices such as printers, scanners, and routers, with support for setup, installation, and troubleshooting. .

Virus Removal

Get your computers protected from all those millions of viruses seeking to exploit security loopholes to access private information on your computers and corrupt the software.

Data Protection

Worried about data lost due to system crash, virus infection, Data deletion etc ? Get your valuable data protected with ProdigyDataCare.

Wireless/Network Issues

Want to create a home network or a business network to share devices like printers and routers with your PCs? Get it done with Prodigy's Network Experts.

Diagnosis & Repair

Comprehensive diagnostic and repair services for your computers and connected devices such as printers, routers, Scanners, and over 1000 software applications.

Software Updates

Get the latest updates for your Operating Systems, installed Applications, Drivers etc. Having the latest updates will keep the PC safe and secure.

Help & Support

Get Instant Help from our technician, either by Live Chat Online or by calling our Toll Free number.

Style Switcher

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